These cleaning products are all formulated specifically for hot tubs and will not cause foaming in the water.

Use the surface cleaner to wipe away any waterline deposits using a soft cloth and protect your vinyl cover every 6 months or so using the cover cleaner spray.

Biofilm accumulates in the pipe work of all hot tubs and provides the breading ground for bacteria and algae, so use surespa Spa Flush at every water change to remove the biofilm and so reduce the amount of sanitiser you need.

  1. surespa Spa Flush - 500ml
    surespa Spa Flush - 500ml More Information

    Regular removal of the biofilm that builds up inside hot tub plumbing should form a regular and important part of your hot tub maintenance routine.

    Biofilm is by far the biggest source of bacteria in hot tubs and, if it's not removed regularly, you will find that you need more and more sanitiser to cope with the increasing bacteria levels.

    surespa Spa Flush is a powerful, non-foaming cleansing treatment that efficiently removes biofilm, dirt, grease and scale from the inside of the pipework, pumps and all spa surfaces.

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