A hot tub shock will remove dissolved dissolved organic matter from the hot tub water. This is 'stuff' that gets dissolved in the water and can't be removed by your sanitiser or by the filter. For example, perspiration and body oils. It there is a significant amount of dissolved organic matter in the water it will become dull and "lifeless" and will eventually start foaming.

In contrast to a shock product, a water clarifier will help to remove tiny solid particles of contaminants from the water and is often said to make the water sparkle.

A anti-foam will stop the water foaming, but it should only be used as a last resort and if you find it necessary to use an anti-foam on a regular basis is is probably time to change the water!

  1. surespa Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg
    surespa Non-Chlorine Shock - 1kg More Information

    These chlorine-free shock granules will remove the organic contaminants that inevitably enter hot tub water when a hot tub is used. This can include airborne pollutants as well as substances introduced by bathers, such as perspiration and body oils.

    If you water starts to look a bit dull or slightly coloured surespa Non-Chlorine shock is the product to use.

    Completely chlorine-free and kind to both your skin and the environment. Compatible with all hot tub sanitisers.

  2. surespa Spa Shock Express - 500g
    surespa Spa Shock Express - 500g More Information

    surespa Spa Shock Express is a very powerful and fast reacting hot tub shock and water clarifier that will quickly remove the organic contaminants that inevitably enter the water when a hot tub is used. These include airborne pollutants and substances introduced by bathers, such as perspiration and body oils.

    Spa Shock Express will enhances your water quality and will not affect the water balance.

    This product is compatible with all hot tub sanitisers.

    NB: surespa Spa Shock Express contains chlorine. Chlorine shocks are far more effective than the non-chlorine alternative and most of the excess chlorine will gas-off whilst the cover is off and the pumps are running. However, you should not use this product if you are significantly allergic to chlorine.

  3. surespa FoamAway - 1lt
    surespa FoamAway - 1lt More Information
    Sale Price: £11.40 Regular Price £16.35

    Foaming in hot tub water can be caused by significant organic matter from bathers entering the water after heavy use. It is also often caused by make-up, body lotions and other contaminants that really shouldn't be allowed to enter the water at all.

    surespa FoamAway has been especially formulated to damp down foaming that occurs when the jets are turned on in contaminated water.

    Anti-foam inevitably dulls the water and is best avoided if possible. If your water is foaming first make sure that the problem cannot be rectified by shocking the water and cleaning the filters.

    You can, but we recommend that you don't, use this product as a foam preventer - it's far better just to avoid contaminating the water if at all possible!

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