The surespa traditional range of hot tub chemicals includes both chlorine and bromine in granular and tablet form. Either may be used on their own to sanitise your hot tub water or, if you want to reduce the amount of potentially toxic chemical that you use and to be kinder to the environment, use chlorine of bromine in conjunction with ecoONE Spa Monthly.

If you are finding that chlorine or bromine is irritating your skin then we have a completely new product, eco3spa, that relies on Active Oxygen as the sanitiser. eco3spa is both kind to the environment and kind to your body.

  1. surespa Bromine Tablets - 1kg
    surespa Bromine Tablets - 1kg More Information
    Sale Price: £24.95 Regular Price £29.50

    Bromine is an easier sanitiser to use than chlorine and it performs better at the high water temperatures found in hot tubs. It is less of an irritant, so is less likely to cause skin or eye problems, and it leaves much less odour in the water.

    surespa 20g bromine tablets are slow dissolving and won't disintegrate into powder before you get them into your bromine dispenser. They are close to a neutral pH so they won't affect the water chemistry . They are ideal for routine hot tub bromine dosing.

    surespa Bromine Tablets dissolve slowly at a rate dependent on the temperature of the water, the water flow rate over the tablets and the concentration of bacteria in the water. They should be used in a floating or built-in chemical dispenser.

    When using these tablets in a newly filled hot tub it may be necessary to apply an initial shock dose of surespa Bromine Granules to quickly kill any bacteria initially present in the water or on the filters and to establish a safe bromine residual in the spa water as quickly as possible.

  2. surespa Bromine Granules - 1kg
    surespa Bromine Granules - 1kg More Information
    Sale Price: £17.70 Regular Price £24.70

    surespa Bromine Granules are highly effective at quickly raising the bromine level in hot tub water to ensure that all harmful bacteria are immediately eradicated.

    Bromine granules are highly effective, both for general hot tub water sanitation and algae control and also for shock treatment.  They are close to pH neutral and so they won't cause any corrosion of your hot tub equipment of mess up your water chemistry.

    surespa Bromine Granules can be used as a sanitiser in their own right or, for an easier solution, use them along side surespa Bromine Tablets.

  3. surespa Chlorine Tablets - 1kg
    surespa Chlorine Tablets - 1kg More Information

    The stabiliser used to manufacture chlorine tablets can be very acidic and so, with continual use, there is a risk that acid damage to your hot tub seals and equipment can occur. This is particularly true if the tablets are allowed to come into direct contact with any surface of the tub, filter or skimmer basket and so you should ensure that this never happens.

    These 20g slow-dissolving, chlorine tablets are significantly less acidic than many other chlorine tablets so they will reduce the risk of acid damage to your hot tub seals and equipment.

    When used in a floating dispenser (or a dispenser built-in to your hot tub specifically for use with chlorine tablets) they provide a safe and convenient method of continuous chlorine dosing.

  4. surespa Chlorine Granules - 1kg
    surespa Chlorine Granules - 1kg More Information
    Sale Price: £9.50 Regular Price £10.65

    surespa Chlorine Granules dissolve very rapidly to immediately raise the chlorine concentration in your hot tub water.

    As long as the water temperature is at least 20oC you can just sprinkle these granules over the surface of the hot water and put the pumps on to distribute.

    These granules are great for quickly raising the chlorine concentration in the water prior to maintaining the level with surespa Chlorine tablets.

    Take care not to use too much of this product and so over chlorinate your hot tub water, it's bad for you; bad for you tub headrests, jets and cover; and bad for the environment too!

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