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ecoONE Spa Monthly is a water conditioning product that you add to your hot tub monthly to

  • dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine that you need to use;
  • stabilise the alkalinity and pH of your water so reducing the need for constant water balancing;
  • eliminate scum lines;
  • reduce foaming;
  • reduce itching and alleviate dry skin problems.

ecoONE Spa Monthly contains coconut extract which is a natural water conditioner and skin softener so this product is perfect for people with sensitive skin, but who still want to use traditional chemicals to maintain their hot tub water.

One bottle of ecoOne natural  treatment will keep your water water looking & feeling great for a month.

ecoONE Spa Monthly is the environmentally friendly, non-toxic heart of the ecoONE system.  ecoONE is not a chemical. it's a mixture of enzymes and surfactants with natural coconut extract. ecoONE Spa Monthly naturally solves most spa water treatment problems and dramatically reduces hot tub water maintenance.

ecoONE dramatically decreases the demand on  the sanitizer (either bromine or chlorine can be used) and it will keep up to 1800 litres of water looking and feeling great for one month with minimal chemical use.

The natural flocking agents in the product attract dirt, body oils, lotion, etc. which then get trapped in the filter, keeping your hot tub water cleaner and safer.

ecoONE Spa Monthly should be used with either 1 – 2 ppm of Bromine or 0.5 - 1 ppm of Chlorine. The best way to maintain the sanitiser level is to put Bromine (or Chlorine) tablets into an adjustable floating dispenser with the flow rate turned to minimum.  Check the santiser level daily for a few days and adjust the flow rate on the dispenser as necessary to maintain the correct level. Once your dispenser is adjusted properly, all you need to do is to keep the dispenser topped up with tablets.

Clean your filters approximately fortnightly, depending on use and use a shock product as required.

Use one bottle of ecoONE Spa Monthly each month.

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Active Ingredients Natural enzymes, surfactants and coconut extract
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