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Water Balancing

Water balancing (adjusting the Total Alkalinity and pH of the water) is easy and very important when using traditional hot tub sanitizers. It ensures that the sanitizer works efficiently and that hot tub equipment is not damaged.

Hot tub chemicals will only work effectively if the pH (acidity) of the water is correctly balanced. If the water is not balanced before the sanitizer is applied then the bacteria will not be fully eradicated and the hot tub could be unsafe to use.

The surespa range includes both chlorine and bromine in granular and tablet form. Either may be used on their own to sanitize your hot tub water, or in conjunction with an enzyme or mineral product.

Unbalanced hot tub water can also be responsible for foaming, scum and discolouration.

The first step in balancing hot tub water is to adjust the Total Alkalinity, followed by the pH and then the hardness, if necessary. Scale Away can be used to address water problems in very hard water areas.


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5 Item(s)